MLB Week 10 Power Rankings

1.Giants 35-19
2.Athletics 32-22
3.Tigers 30-20
4.Angels 30-23
5.Cardinals 29-25
6.Brewers 32-22
7.Blue Jays 32-24
8.Yankees 28-25
9.Dodgers 29-26
10.Red Sox 25-29
11.Braves 29-25
12.Nationals 26-27
13.Rangers 28-27
14.Royals 26-28
15.Rockies 28-26
16.Marlins 28-26
17.Orioles 26-26
18.White Sox 28-28
19.Mariners 26-27
20.Reds 23-29
21.Indians 25-30
22.Pirates 24-29
23.Phillies 23-28
24.Twins 25-27
25.Mets 25-28
26.Padres 24-30
27.Rays 23-32
28.Diamondbacks 23-33
29.Astros 24-32
30.Cubs 19-32

Red Sox Sweep Braves!Are they finally recovering from the early struggles?

Last night the Red Sox and Braves wrapped up their series with four straight wins to make them in 4th place with a record of 24-29.Today they take on the 23-31 5th place Tampa Bay Rays.I expect the Sox to take 2 of 3 and adjust their record to 26-30.The Rays would be 24-33.The Sox are still only 5-10 out of their last fifteen and 4-6 in their last ten.Will they finally get hot or will they like this all season?We’ll just have to wait and see.

My Updated Week 9 MLB Power Rankings

Memorial Day closed SportsNation but I still was able to work some rankings out.Here they are.

1.Giants 32-18
2.Athletics 30-20
3.Tigers 28-18
4.Cardinals 28-22
5.Braves 28-21
6.Dodgers 27-24
7.Brewers 30-21
8.Angels 28-21
9.Rangers 26-25
10.Yankees 26-23
11.Blue Jays 29-22
12.Red Sox 20-29
13.Nationals 25-26
14.Royals 24-25
15.Orioles 25-23
16.Rockies 27-23
17.Marlins 27-25
18.Mariners 24-25
19.Reds 22-26
20.Indians 24-27
21.White Sox 25-27
22.Phillies 21-26
23.Twins 23-25
24.Pirates 23-27
25.Rays 23-28
26.Padres 23-28
27.Mets 22-28
28.Cubs 18-30
29.Diamondbacks 20-32
30.Astros 19-32

My MLB All Star Game Picks

American League
Max Scherzer,Tigers
Matt Wieters,Orioles
First Base
Miguel Cabrera,Tigers
Second Base
Ian Kinsler,Tigers
Third Base
Evan Longoria,Rays
Xander Bogaerts,Red Sox
Designated Hitter
David Ortiz,Red Sox
Jose Bautista,Blue Jays
Carlos Beltran,Yankees
Mike Trout,Angels
Home Run Derby
Carlos Beltran,Yankees
Miguel Cabrera,Tigers
David Ortiz,Red Sox
National League
Stephen Stratsburg,Nationals or
Clayton Kershaw,Dodgers
Buster Posey,Giants
First Base
Joey Votto,Reds
Second Base
Chase Utley,Phillies
Third Base
Pablo Sandoval,Giants
Ian Desmond,Nationals
Ryan Braun,Brewers
Yasiel Puig,Dodgers
Justin Upton,Braves
Home Run Derby
Bryce Harper,Nationals
Buster Posey,Giants
Yasiel Puig,Dodgers

Slumping Red Sox Lose Ninth In A Row

When you talk about the 2012 Red Sox season,it always means trouble.They were up 5-0,losing eight is 2012 bad but there had been worse years and a win would make them slump busters.Two wins in your last ten is better than one.But they fell apart and lost 6-5 in 15 innings.Losing when you’re up 5-0 just doesn’t happen it’s really bad.They have lost nine in a row and are 1-9 in their last ten.That just doesn’t happen either,winning only one of every ten and losing nine in a row.The Sox haven’t lost 9 in a row since 2001,before the Bambino curse was broken.This isn’t 2012 bad,this is 86 year world series drought bad.Could another drought begin,will the Sox have a 2012 like season and be back to normal next year,or will they pull it off and make one of the greatest comebacks ever this year?

NBA Draft Lottery Top 3 & Celtics

Are you surprised that the CAVS are so high?The Bucks and Sixers both were teams that deserved the pick that made the Top 3,but the Cavs?It should be the Celtics,Jazz or maybe even the Pistons deserved that 3rd top 3 spot and if the Cavs even deserved top 3,it was third.
Guess their candidate’s good luck charms didn’t work completely but it at least got them Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins for their pick.
This team used to be a great team but they need a rebuild and a top 3 pick should really help this team if it gets some other good picks and free agents.
The Celtics have 18 championships and this is how they do in the 2013-14 season and draft lottery,this team could be stranded like this forever or at least for a while longer.

MLB Week 9 Power Rankings

1.Tigers 28-16
2.Giants 30-18
3.Athletics 30-19
4.Braves 27-20
5.Cardinals 26-22
6.Dodgers 26-24
7.Angels 27-20
8.Nationals 24-24
9.Red Sox 20-27
10.Rockies 26-22
11.Yankees 25-23
12.Blue Jays 28-22
13.Brewers 29-20
14.Royals 23-24
15.Orioles 24-23
16.Mariners 24-23
17.Marlins 25-24
18.White Sox 25-26
19.Rangers 23-25
20.Indians 24-26
21.Reds 22-24
22.Phillies 21-25
23.Twins 23-22
24.Mets 21-25
25.Pirates 21-26
26.Padres 22-27
27.Rays 21-28
28.Cubs 17-29
29.Diamondbacks 18-31
30.Astros 17-32