MLB Week 13 Power Rankings

1.Athletics 47-28
2.Giants 44-30
3.Brewers 46-30
4.Blue Jays 42-34
5.Dodgers 41-35
6.Nationals 38-35
7.Tigers 39-32
8.Royals 39-35
9.Cardinals 40-35
10.Red Sox 34-41
11.Angels 40-33
12.Yankees 39-34
13.Braves 38-36
14.Reds 36-37
15.Indians 37-38
16.Rangers 35-39
17.Pirates 36-38
18.Orioles 38-35
19.Mariners 39-36
20.Marlins 37-37
21.Phillies 34-39
22.White Sox 35-40
23.Rockies 35-41
24.Twins 35-38
25.Mets 34-41
26.Cubs 31-41
27.Padres 32-43
28.Astros 33-43
29.Diamondbacks 32-46
30.Rays 30-48

Red Sox Sweep Twins With Great Pitching

The Red Sox swept the Twins by only scoring 5 runs in the entire series but only allowing 2 runs.With Napoli and Nava back,the ideal batting order has been Holt,Bogaerts,Pedroia,Ortiz,Napoli,Nava,Pierzynski,Sizemore,
Bradley Jr.In the series they had De La Rosa,Lester and Lackey pitching some of their best pitches this season.They improved their record from 31-38 to 34-38 and have gone 6-4 in their last ten and 7-8 in their last fifteen.I think that even with injuries,they still could be able to pull it together this season alongside the Reds,another struggling team in the MLB that was expected to do better.Things are starting to look a little more like what I predicted.

Baseball Travels:Citi Field

If you saw my last post you saw that I went to New York this weekend.I stayed in Manhattan,but visited Citi Field in Queens to see my friends from Australia,Derek,Kara,Josh and Matthew Lippner’s favorite team.If you don’t know yet Citi Field is the home of the 31-38 New York Mets.A former Red Sox player,Daisuke Matsuzaka was on the mound for the Mets who were facing the 29-40 San Diego Padres.The final score?Mets won it 3-1 with a Curtis Granderson home run despite David Wright’s bad season.
David Murphy also played well for the Mets,batting second in the lineup.Chase Headley,the Padres star struggled as well.This Padres loss was even more depressing for them than any other because former Padres player,all star and hall of famer Tony Gwynn died at age 54 of cancer.So,I know it’s a little upsetting for Boston Sports fans that the Mets won but I rooted for them,my friends favorite and the home team.It’s not like it’s the Yankees we rooted for or their second favorite team and another one of our arched rivals,the Tampa Bay Rays.It’s the Mets.A National League team that I don’t care a lot about and who stink anyways.So,that’s all for today’s edition of baseball travels.Be on the lookout next time though.What ballpark other than Fenway Park will I visit next?Read about it in the next Baseball Travels post.

Kings Win 2nd Stanley Cup In 3 Years

The Kings defeated the New York Rangers 4-1 on Friday Night.Over the weekend I was in New York meeting friends from Australia who came up as former New Yorkers to see the Rangers in the Stanley Cup.Apparently,by the time I got there they had all eyes on their baseball team,the New York Mets since the Rangers lost on Friday and I left Saturday.Here are 2 reasons I rooted for the Kings:
1.Boston Sports fans can never root for New York Sports teams.
2.I did not want to have to watch the Rangers play the whole time I was in New York.
So,too bad for the Rangers New Yorkers,the Kings got crowned the cup and knocked the Rangers of their throne.That’s hockey’s weekend news flash.Better luck next year to the Bruins,they start in 4 months so predictions should be here by late August.

My SportsNation Updated MLB Week 12 Power Rankings

If you want to check SportsNation’s fan rankings you’ll see that my rankings had 3% control of them since only 30 others ranked this week so far.
1.Athletics 42-27

2.Giants 43-27

3.Brewers 41-29

4.Blue Jays 41-30

5.Tigers 36-29

6.Nationals 35-33

7.Royals 36-32

8.Cardinals 37-32

9.Dodgers 37-34

10.Red Sox 31-38

11.Braves 36-32

12.Angels 37-31

13.Yankees 35-33

14.Rangers 34-35

15.Indians 35-35

16.Reds 33-35

17.Pirates 34-35

18.Orioles 35-33

19.Marlins 35-33

20.Mariners 35-34

21.Rockies 34-35

22.White Sox 33-37

23.Mets 31-38

24.Twins 32-35

25.Cubs 28-39

26.Astros 32-39

27.Phillies 29-38

28.Padres 29-40

29.D-backs 30-42

30.Rays 27-43

Total SportsNation Votes:

MLB Week 12 Power Rankings

1.Athletics  40-27
2.Giants 43-25
3.Brewers 40-28
4.Angels 36-30
5.Blue Jays 40-29
6.Nationals 35-31
7.Tigers 34-29
8.Dodgers 36-33
9.Red Sox 31-36
10.Cardianls 35-32
11.Braves 35-31
12.Royals 34-32
13.Yankees 35-31
14.Rangers 33-34
15.Reds 32-34
16.Mariners 34-33
17.Orioles 34-32
18.Marlins 34-32
19.Pirates 33-34
20.Indians 33-35
21.White Sox 33-35
22.Rockies 32-35
23.Twins 32-33
24.Phillies 28-37
25.Mets 30-37
26.Astros 31-38
27.Cubs 27-38
28.Padres 28-39
29.Diamondbacks 29-41
30.Rays 26-42