NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

1.49ers 1-0

2.Seahawks 1-0

3.Eagles 1-0

4.Broncos 1-0

5.Colts 0-1

6.Saints 0-1

7.Patriots 0-1

8.Bengals 1-0

9.Steelers 1-1

10.Packers 0-1

11.Cardinals 1-0

12.Chargers 0-1

13.Texans 1-0

14.Falcons 1-0

15.Panthers 1-0

16.Bears 0-1

17.Chiefs 0-1

18.Jets 1-0

19.Ravens 1-1

20.Vikings 1-0

21.Titans 1-0

22.Lions 1-0

23.Dolphins 1-0

24.Bills 1-0

25.Redskins 0-1

26.Browns 0-1

27.Giants 0-1

28.Rams 0-1

29.Cowboys 0-1

30.Buccaneers 0-1

31.Jaguars 0-1

32.Raiders 0-1

In Detail:Washington Redskins

This is my 12th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. The Redskins had a horrible season last year,going 3-13, but I think coach Jay Gruden and former Eagle DeSean Jackdon can change that. One thing Gruden said is that Robert Griffin III should not be the starting quarterback and that Kirk Cousins should start instead, but I totally disagree. I say that Robert Griffin III is going to be a record breaking superstar and he is the obvious starter over Kirk Cousins. I also think that the Redskins is a very offensive name to native Americans and that they should become the Washington Senators. I believe DeSean Jackson will have a record breaking season along with obvious starting quarterback Robert Griffin III. My prediction for the newly built 2014-15 Washington Redskins is that they will be in 3rd place in the NFC East with a 7-9 record being ranked in the 21st slot overall. The Redskins have big things coming,really big things and by the 2016-17 season, I suspect they will win the division and be a common playoff contender along with the Atlanta Falcons.

In Detail:New York Jets

This is my 11th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. The Jets have pretty much also lost it on defense, but an offense filled with Eric Decker, Chris Ivory, Geno Smith and Michael Vick. This season may be slightly better for the Jets, but they have many weaknesses like last year. I think it’s pretty funny that he Jets got the Eagles backp quarterback, Michael Vick and the Eagles got the Jets backup quarterback, Mark Sanchez. My prediction for the Jets is that they will be in a tie for 2nd place in the AFC East with a 8-8 record and being ranked in the 22 slot overall. I think at this point the New York Giants may be as good if not better again than the New York Jets, although the 1-0 Jets record and the 0-1 Giants record does not show that. The Jets will have a decent season, but I agree with Rex Ryan that 8-8 is not enough to do something big this season and I predict that they will go 8-8.

In Detail:Miami Dolphins

This is my 10th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. Even though the Dolphins defeated the Patriots on week 1, the Pats were not playing their max that day and lost in that matter. Defense on Miami was good a couple of years ago, but how much can they really do now? Definetly not as much as they have done in the past, but offense has really improved.
Although they were better off with Brandon Marshall in 2011, over the past 2 years they picked up Ryan Tannehill, Knoshown Moreno and Lamar Miller. They also dropped Brandon Marshall. So, the offense might actually be productive this season, and they really showed it in a 33-20 victory over the Patriots to kick off the 2014-15 season. My prediction for the Dolphins is that they will be tied for 2nd in the AFC East, with an 8-8 record being ranked 23 overall. The Dolphins defense definitely has taken a step downward, but the offense got upgraded and may have a decent season.

My SportsNation MLB Week 24 Power Rankings

(records as of Monday)
1.Nationals 80-61

2.Dodgers 81-62

3.Angels 87-55

4.Royals 79-63

5.Athletics 80-62

6.Cardinals 79-64

7.Tigers 78-65

8.Giants 78-65

9.Orioles 83-59

10.Yankees 71-63

11.Reds 67-76

12.Indians 74-67

13.Mariners 78-64

14.Braves 74-69

15.Pirates 74-68

16.Brewers 74-69

17.Rays 69-75

18.Blue Jays 73-69

19.Red Sox 63-80

20.Mets 68-75

21.Marlins 69-72

22.Phillies 66-76

23.Padres 66-76

24.Rangers 54-89

25.Cubs 64-79

26.D-backs 63-79

27.White Sox 63-79

28.Astros 63-80

29.Rockies 59-84

30.Twins 61-82

Fantasy Week 1 Power Rankings

(updated from CBS Sports)

1.Max-The auto pilot did best with LeSean McCoy leading his team
2.Team Kelleher-Just one auto pilot pick along with 15 decisions makes them the two slot

3.Daniel-Amazing wide Recievers will boost his team

4.Green Eggs and Graham-As commissioner he was able to get one of the best teams including star tight end Jimmy Graham who’s almost like a wide Reciever the way he is.

5.James-a Suprise team was the draft result yesterday

6.Joe & Larry-although they picked Stephen Gostkowski way too early,they picked up a decent team

7.Ryan Jennings-A first and last pick made a difficult draft path for this team

8.Andrew’s Hunters-they mcould old picks but they should change their bench.They have a strong lineup that will be their only boost

9.Justin & Hai-They made really quick picks but they should’ve taken a little more time to think

10.Krazy Kens-Having the last pick and round one made it difficult for this team’s draft path

11.Ryan’s Lions-Got good suggestions from friends and made good picks,but owns too many Lions,especially should get rid of the worthless Lions defense and go for Lions offense instead

12.Josh-this team made good picks but the computer thinks otherwise

In Detail:Minnesota Vikings

This is my 8th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. The Vikings got Teddy Bridgewater in the draft and Adrian Peterson is healthy again. If them and Kyle Rudolph and Matt Cassel all have a great season, that’s the only way the Vikings will make the playoffs. They’re a what if team this year that reminds me of the 2013 world series champion Red Sox.
I think Matt Cassel will be OK, Teddy Bridgewater won’t be bad, Adrain Peterson will blow running back records playing amazingly and having a record breaking season in 2014 and Kyle Rudolph will have a good season too. My Vikings prediction in 2014 is that they’ll be 3rd in the NFC North with a 6-10 record
and being ranked 25 overall. Now that Adrain Peterson is back and healthy, the Vikings should have a better but not nessicarily a good season.