Patriots Overcome Injuries, Surpass Jets

It was a tough situation for the Patriots.  At least Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell and Dont’a Hightower were back.  But Dion Lewis and Brandon Bolden were both siting out, which cut down on the running back depth.  Just LeGarrette Blount and James White.  They shouldn’t have ever cut Jonas Gray, or even Travaris Cadet.  The game ended with lots of scoring.  It was 20-16 in the fourth quarter, but then, BOOM!!!!!!

The Patriots marched down the field, and ended the drive with and 8 yard touchdown pass to Danny Amendola.  Very next Patriots drive, Gronk goes wide open into the end zone.  Bad coaching move by Todd Bowles, the former Cardinals defensive coordinator.  And all of a sudden it was 30-20 with under two minutes to go.  But it wasn’t over.  Nick Folk got the field goal, and then he attempted an onside kick.  The Jets got it!!!!  They were marching down the field.  On one play, they ended it with one second to go.  Ryan Fitzpatrick could attempt a hail mary and go to overtime.  But, a false start on the Jets ended the game, and the Patriots won.  Now lets go back to the start.

It was a quiet start.  The Pats got the field goal on their first drive, but Nick Folk followed with one of his own.  By the end of the first quarter, the Jets were having some injury issues of their own.  Chris Ivory tweaked his hamstring on the first play of the first drive, just didn’t know it, and Calvin Pryor III had the first of two minor injuries this game.

To begin the 2nd quarter, Jeremy Kerley got the touchdown reception, giving the Jets a 10-3 lead.  Again, the Pats came right back.  They struggled to get through in their red zone possession at first, but Brady ran it in for 1 yard.  10-10.  And before halftime, Stephen Gostkowski gave them the 13-10 lead with a field goal.  The Pats have not lost at home while leading at the half since 2000!!!  It would hurt for that to be broken.

So, they took action.  Another field goal as they struggled.  It wasn’t looking good, especially when Chris Ivory scored a go-ahead touchdown.  17-16 Jets.  Then Nick Folk kicked a last minute field goal and the 4th quarter began.  As the Pats did their thing, the Jets had more injuries.  Calvin Pryor III hurt his ankle, then Nick Mangold got carted off with a possible very serious concussion.  He will go through the league’s concussion protocol.  The Pats did it!!!!!!  30-23.  And in just 4 days, see another division game, Pats-Dolphins at Gillette, only on CBS and NFL Network.  The Pats are 6, soon hopefully to be 7, knock on wood, and Brady has taken six pawns on his Revenge Tour.  Will they keep it up?  We’re on to Miami.

Revis’s Revenge: Patriots-Jets Preview

This game is not just part of the Revenge Tour for Tom Brady, but revenge on a former team for Darrelle Revis.  So, it’s a game worth watching.  Which is more likely, a lock or an upset?  Well, it is a semi-lock but the Jets have had absolutely amazing stats this season, and they could be a threat to the Patriots.  So, lets get in to the details.  Super bowl winning team vs biggest improvement of the season.  So, lets get into the details.  Who will win this huge game?

pats-jets gameday

So, the Jets might have a tough defense, but Brady’s bunch is better.  If Dion Lewis and Brandon Bolden are hurt, they’re not great in RB depth, with Blount being guarded by Sheldon Richardson.  But the passing game should still have weapons.  Even if Edelman and Gronk have Revis and Antonio Cromartie.  But Brandon LaFell is back, and Danny Amendola and Scott Chandler are also amazing, so the Patriots can squeeze out some scores.  And the Patriots defense is underrated.  However, so is the Jets offense.   Chris Ivory and Zac Stacy are done when facing Jerod Mayo, Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich.  Brandon Marshall will also be guarded by Malcolm Butler and Devin McCourty.  And Patrick Chung might guard Eric Decker, but they are closing in on the Jets way better than the Jets are on the Patriots.  Lets look more in depth at all these injuries and my opinion on them.

Injury Report



Marcus Cannon (Toe, DNP) – He seroiusly got hurt after Nate Solder went on IR?

Rufus Johnson (Illness, DNP) – He doesn’t have a major role on the team anyways.

Jabaal Sheard (Ankle, DNP) – This is a pretty big loss, not good.


Brandon Bolden  (Hamstring, LP) – This really cuts the RB depth with Lewis already hurt.

Trey Flowers (Knee, Shoulder, LP) – Still needs more rest

Dont’a Hightower (Ribs, LP) – I really think that Hightower can prepare to play this week

Josh Kline (Shoulder, LP) – I think he will play, but shoulders are tough, so he could either suck it up, or be out a while

Dion Lewis (Abdomen, LP) – Big loss, unfortunately I don’t think he will play

Keshawn Martin (Hamstring, LP) – If he pulled his hamstring, he won’t play, but otherwise it doesn’t seem so serious

Shaq Mason (Knee, LP) – I don’t think he’ll play, but if he doesn’t, that leaves only Tre’ Jackson at left guard

Matthew Slater (Knee, LP) – This looks like a dangerous injury to the Pats master of special teams



Bilal Powell (Ankle, DNP) – Really tinkered with the RB depth, him and Stevan Ridley being out


Jaiquawn Jarrett (Knee, LP) – Have no idea who this is, not important for him to play


Willie Colon (Knee, LP) – I think he can play, as long as he has no ACL or MCL injuries, he should be fine


S Dion Bailey – Elbow (FP) – No Opinion
LB Quinton Coples – Elbow (FP) – Should Play, Good Enough To
WR Eric Decker – Knee (LP) – Even with limited practice, he’s had enough time to rehab
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick – Albow (right) (FP) – He’s gonna suck it up.  Smith is hurt.  You really want Bryce Petty starting
DL Damon Harrison – Finger (FP) – No Opinion
WR Brandon Marshall – Calf (LP) – He needs to suck it up or the Jets are screwed
WR Chris Owusu – Knee (LP) – I still don’t think Owusu is ready to play, he was limited
CB Buster Skrine – Concussion (FP) – He can suck it up
CB Marcus Williams – Hamstring (LP)- No Opinion

NFL Week 7 Picks

NFL Week 7 Picks

Yay!  Another great week last week.  I went 12-2, and now am 61-32, ahead of Pete Prisco.  If you count my Thursday Night pick, it’s 62-32.  So, let’s keep this up.  Is the NFL turning out the way I expected, after a cuckoo week 1-3, or am I just getting smarter and keeping up with experts opinions better?

Lock Of The Week

Chargers, 28, Raiders, 26


The Chargers will blowout the Raiders again.

These Raiders definitely are getting better, and are no longer the worst NFL team, (that’s a 4-way tie for Titans, Bucs, Redskins and 49ers).  Derek Carr is becoming a much better quarterback, and his weaponry improved when they added Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree and Clive Walford.  But one thing for sure, remember how I said Latavius Murray would suck?  He sorta has the past couple weeks.  That should give backup Roy Helu a chance to finally break out against an empty Chargers rush defense.  Taiwan Jones or Marcel Reece could even contribute.  And, the passing game can work around Brandon Flowers and Eric Weddle.  Flowers will surely have Cooper covered, but Michael Crabtree will really have his chance to shine, along with tight ends Clive Walford and Mychal Rivera.  One will have a weak linebacker guarding them, and that one will score.  The other one won’t because they’ll have Eric Weddle.

But the Chargers are in a better position, if they can remain healthy.  The rush could be in trouble, but the passing game can save the Chargers’ butts.  Passing back Danny Woodhead could even see a big game, let alone Keenan Allen and Antonio Gates.  And even if Allen, Gates and Stevie Johnson are all out, they still have guard-less Malcom Floyd and Jacoby Jones, and no matter what Ladarius Green is primed for a breakout as Gates could be limited even if he plays.  Charles Woodson may be an annoyance to Keenan Allen or Antonio Gates, but the rest of the receiving game should be fine, and still be at full speed, giving San Diego the edge.  Besides, although Oakland may score some reception touchdowns where unguarded, but the running game doesn’t have enough to take advantage of the weak rush D.

Notable Locks: Rams over Browns, Seahawks over 49ers

Upset Of The Week

Jaguars, 7, Bills, 6


The Jaguars will run away with the win and turn around the Bills.

Look, the Bills are DONE until they can maintain health.  They’re missing QB Tyrod Taylor, RB Karlos Williams and healing RB LeSean McCoy and WRs Percy Harvin, (non injury related) Sammy Watkins, Marquise Goodwin and Marcus Easley.  That leaves the starting six (excluding lineman) looking like this:

QB E.J. Manuel
RB Daniel Herron
RB Anthony Dixon
WR Robert Woods
WR Chris Hogan
TE Charles Clay

CHRIS HOGAN????  WHO’S THAT? It has gotten that bad.  At least (knock on wood), Charles Clay can play, and hopefully Harvin and McCoy can suck it up.  Then it would be Manuel, McCoy, Herron, Harvin, Woods, Clay.  Not bad.  But no offense means no scoring, and no scoring means this game will be a bore-a-thon.   At least Dan Carpenter can knock in a couple field goals to keep the audience awake.

But everyone will wake up in the fourth quarter, when the Jaguars take charge and the Bills defense finally wears off.  They have plenty of improving weapons.  No T.J. Yeldon, but Denard Robinson, Allen Robinson, Julius Thomas (if active) and Marcedes Lewis should be enough the get the game winning touchdown.  Even without Thomas the snoozy, banged up Bills offense will fall to an improving Jaguars team that is destined to get more than four wins for the first time in ages.  They already have won, and have another easy one this week, so 2 down, 3 to go.  That just means winning one of every three from Week 8 on.  Is it possible?  Keep an eye on these Jaguars and they might surprise you big time.

Notable Upsets: Titans over Falcons, Lions over Vikings

Other Games

Seahawks, 34, 49ers, 24
Patriots, 30, Jets, 17
Dolphins, 10, Texans, 6
Chiefs, 27, Steelers, 14
Cardinals, 23, Ravens, 20
Rams, 17, Browns, 7
Colts, 33, Saints, 13
Titans, 20, Falcons, 13
Panthers, 27, Eagles, 23
Giants, 24, Cowboys, 23
Redskins, 28, Buccaneers, 27
Lions, 31, Vikings, 30

Team Of The Week
1. This team hadn’t been to the super bowl before the 21st Century.
2. This team has three well known modern mottos.
3. This team has a star quarterback, cornerback and running back.
4. This team plays near a famous video game company’s American headquarters.
5. This team lost Super Bowl XLIX.
What team is this?  Guess in comments.
Last Week: Jets

NFL Week 6 Picks

Last week was another great week!  I didn’t beat 11-4, but I maintained four losses, going 10-4.  In the last two weeks I have gone from 26-22 to 47-30.  That means I’ve gone 21-8 in the last two weeks.  Lets not jinx it, (knock on wood), but gong 14-0 this week, I’ll be 61-30!!!!

Lock Of The Week

Broncos, 45, Browns, 31

As expected, the Broncos offense will go nearly untouched.
As expected, the Broncos offense will go nearly untouched.

This week, the Denver offense is just so unstoppable, they have to win.  Considering the banged-up Browns D, I could see C.J. Anderson coming back out of his slump this week for a couple TDs.  It should be even easier for receivers and tight ends, considering the fact that Joe Haden has been ruled out.  The have stars DeMaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, and Owen Daniels is seeing improvement from last year.  That leaves the Browns with Justin Gilbert as their best corner, guarding Thomas, and leaving Sanders open for majority of the game.  Karlos Dansby and Carlos Dunlap will be on Anderson and Hillman, so Owen Daniels may also see plenty of action.  The point is, it’ll be difficult to shut down this offense.

However, the Browns offense could be a pleasant surprise.  They can’t do enough to outlast Manning’s unstoppable bunch, but enough for this to be a slugfest rather than a blowout.  With DeMarcus Ware out, the Broncos will be left with just Von Miller and Brandon Marshall at linebacker.  That’ll be enough to keep both starter Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson covered.  But expect Robert Turbin to dominate.  With Ware ruled out, there’s an open window for Turbin to score.  And at receiver, only Dwayne Bowe can be guarded by star corner Aqib Talib, and the rest of the secondary isn’t great.  Guys like Brian Hartline, Andrew Hawkins, Travis Benjamin, Gary Barnidge and Rob Housler.  So, the Browns offense will do very well, but unlike the Broncos, it won’t be true domination, and it won’t be enough to beat Denver in this lock match-up.

Notable Locks: Packers over Chargers, Jets over Redskins, Eagles over Giants

Upset of The Week

49ers, 34, Ravens, 27

The Ravens will continue their downward trend as the 49ers stun them in this Super Bowl XLVII rematch.
The Ravens will continue their downward trend as the 49ers stun them in this Super Bowl XLVII rematch.

The Ravens have looked like a nightmare this season, and although the 49ers have fallen apart and have no base, they’ll have enough willpower and growing strength to pull of the upset of the nightmare Ravens.  The Niners can take advantage of the weak Ravens secondary and go heavy on the pass.  Anquan Boldin will be covered, but that just means more receptions for Torrey Smith, and tight ends Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald and Garrett Celek.  So, the Niners offense is in better condition.  However, linebackers Elvis Dumervil and C.J. Mosley and defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan should be enough to stop Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush and Mike Davis or Jarryd Hayne.  So, Colin Kaepernick will rely on his passing game.

Meanwhile, even against the weak 49ers defense, the Ravens are banged up.  They could be without Steve Smith, Breshad Perriman, Lorenzo Taliaferro and Crockett Gillmore.  So, the can only rely on Justin Forsett, Javorius Allen, Kamar Aiken, Marlon Brown and Maxx Williams.  Dennis Pitta also remains hurt.  Despite the easy defense, it’s hard to score when you have no weapons you can score with.  Well, they have some, but still it’s not enough to beat out the improving 49ers as well.  So, the 49ers could pull it off, even after the most dreadful off season in ages.

Upset Notables: Bills over Bengals, Saints over Falcons, Texans over Jaguars, Dolphins over Titans, Steelers over Cardinals

Other Games

Patriots, 34, Colts, 31

Dolphins, 24, Titans, 10

Jets, 24, Redskins, 10

Bills, 31, Bengals, 20

Steelers, 38, Cardinals, 34

Texans, 37, Jaguars, 34

Vikings, 27, Chiefs, 13

Packers, 28, Chargers, 23

Eagles, 34, Giants, 31

Saints, 33, Falcons, 17

Lions, 34, Bears 17

Seahawks, 26, Panthers, 23

Team of The Week

  1. This team’s coach got fired in the off season
  2. This team made some very old off season
  3. This team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2009
  4. One of their 2014 receivers followed the coach to his new team.
  5. This team has less than 25 wins over the last three years.

What team is this?  Guess in comments.

Last Week: Packers

Pats Rout Cowboys, Remain Undefeated

The Patriots won one of the three toughest games this season.  But they didn’t just win.  They routed the Cowboys, beating them up, 30 to 6.  Early on, the Pats offense looked horrible, and Dallas was in position to win if they kept it up.  Tom Brady got sacked by players who never got let off their four game suspensions, Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain.  But Dont’ A Hightower fought fire with fire.  He brought down Weeden in the next drive.  But Hardy, and another guy got Brady for two more sacks.  Tom Brady had been sacked three times and it was only the first quarter.  Then, more bad news came when Hightower went down with a rib injury.

Stephen Gostkowski made up for the mess with a 49 yard field goal.  However, Dan Bailey, the Cowboys kicker, beat that to tie it when he kicked a 51 yarder.  It was a very quiet game, nobody was scoring.  It was slow going.  The first quarter still hadn’t even ended.  Tom Brady got the momentum going in a second quarter drive, with some long plays followed by a 1 yard touchdown run.  Brady hadn’t even rushed it in any circumstance since December of 2012.  Gostkowski kicked on last 57 yard field goal to beat Bailey before halftime.  Before it was a 21 yard pass to Edelman.  13-3 Patriots at halftime.

Gronk had been quiet the whole first half, but he caught a 33 yard pass to begin the second half.  He followed with another long one.  The Pats were marching down the field, and they eventually made it to 1st and goal, when Dion Lewis squeezed threw the tough Cowboys defense for a clutch TD.  The rest of the 3rd was more slow going nothing-ness. Dan Bailey cheered at least Cowboys fans up when he kicked a field goal.  It was 20-6.  The Pats were dominating and there was still a quarter remaining.

The amazing happened when the Pats got the ball to begin the 4th.  Julian Edelman went 59 yards with a pass for an amazing touchdown.  Edelman has become such a great player.  Good thing we got rid of Wes Welker and not him.  The Cowboys were in a good position to score three drives later, but Jason Witten fumbled and Pats linebacker Jonathan Freeny recovered it!!!  The Pats went 3 and out, and went for it on fourth down, failing to make it.  Dallas was slowly moving down the field on the next drive, and it looked like it would be long, but they would eventually score.  I was wrong.  Logan Ryan suddenly intercepted Brandon Weeden!!!  He’s in a bigger role with Tarrel Brown limited and Bradley Fletcher injured and  gone.  The Pats kicked a last-minute field goal to lock in the 30-6 win.  The Pats are 4-0, but must surpass also undefeated Denver and Cincinnati to snag the home field advantage.

Who’s Really America’s Team? Pats vs Cowboys Preview

The New England Patriots take on what is currently known as America’ Team today at 4:25.  The Dallas Cowboys.  Personally, I think New England should be America’s Team.  First, they’re the Patriots, and Patriots led us to independence as a country.  Second, they just won the super bowl.  And third, right now is the best time ever to be a Patriots fan.  The best player ever in my opinion, Tom Brady, along with award winning coach, Bill “The Hooded One” Belichick.  The Brady-Belichick era won’t last forever.

Well, I declare this game the championship to be America’s Team.  The winner becomes America’s Team.  The losing team loses any rights to be America’s Team.  We better root hard for those Pats, or else.  Besides, it shouldn’t be too hard.  First, we’re 9 point favorites.  That is a clear lock.  Second, every expert on ESPN picked our Patriots.  ESPN is typically pretty accurate in pick ’em.  Third, the Cowboys have so many injuries.  Quarterback Tony Romo broke his collar bone!  Star receiver Dez Bryant is out until at least after the bye. Passing back Lance Dunbar is on injured reserve for the season.  This injury issue is pathetic.

Yup. This is how bad it's gotten.  The injury bug hit Dallas extremely hard.
Yup. This is how bad it’s gotten. The injury bug hit Dallas extremely hard.

At the beginning of the season, I thought this would be one of the three games that the Patriots lost, along with the Colts and the Broncos.  Now, they could go 15-1, the loss being just against almighty Denver.  I predicted that before Romo.  And Bryant.  And Dunbar.  Now, it looks like the Patriots are in position to win.  Brady isn’t suspended, and the only Cowboys guys that could still actually be legitimate and have great games are Jason Witten, Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden.  Nobody else.

The defense is relatively healthy and could be a tough one, but the secondary isn’t at its best without Orlando Scandrick.  But they still have Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr and Barry Church.  It’s Greg Hardy and Sean Lee that are the real issue.  Hardy was signed from the Panthers in free agency, and was suspended four games for supposedly beating his wife.  Before Brady got let off clean, there was clearly something wrong.

Now let’s talk Pats. Remember how I said that Randle and McFadden are two of the only three important offensive figures left?  Well, I guess the Patriots defense is built for the Cowboys.  They have defensive ends Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich, plus a trio of great linebackers led by Jerod Mayo, and followed by Jamie Collins and Dont’ A Hightower.   And star safety McCourty can take Witten.  There.  All the Cowboys important offense is covered, making it difficult for them to score.

The Cowboys D isn’t built for the Pats big blurb of recievers and tight ends, (Edelman, Amendola, Gronk, Chandler).  One will always be let off the hook as only three star secondary players will cover them.  Meanwhile, Lee, Lawrence, Hardy and McClain are left for just Blount Force Trauma or Dion Lewis.  Now, let’s talk about game-time injuries.

Injury Report



DT Trey Flowers (Knee, Limited Practice) – Flowers has had plenty of time to recover, but still might need a week or two.  I’d expect him to sit one more.


CB Tarell Brown (Foot, Full Practice) – Brown was limited earlier this week, but is back to full practice.  I think he’ll play, but he still could be a game-time decision.

OG Ryan Wendell (Illness, Full Practice) – Looks like Wendell is ready to come back, but surprise out rulings make me worried.



WR Dez Bryant (Foot, Did Not Practice) – Still needs like four more weeks to heal

WR Brice Butler (Hamstring, Did Not Practice) – Could miss a week or two, hamstring injuries are never good

DE Randy Gregory (Ankle, Did Not Practice) – The rookie may get held back by injuries and not get much of a shot


TE James Hanna (Ankle, Did Not Practice) – I doubt he’ll play after missing like three weeks with this ankle issue


LB Andrew Gackhar (Foot, Full Practice) – Likely will play, looking fine

LB Sean Lee (Concussion, Full Practice) – Concussions are tough, but being probable rather than questionable or doubtful is a sign this may not be a biggy

DE Ryan Russell (Groin, Full Practice) – Should also be good for Sunday, almost as likely as Gackhar to play

So, enjoy the game, and you better root for those Pats.  Read my recap coming shortly after the game ends.

NFL Week 5 Picks

Before last week I was almost below .500 picking games.  But last week was an amazing week for me, and now I can compare to some of the CBS Sports and ESPN experts.  My predictions are turning around.  Here’s my comparison to some of the best guys out there.

I'm beginning to get as good as some NFL insiders and experts.
I’m beginning to get as good as some NFL insiders and experts.

Now let’s hope this week does the same.  The weekly record to beat is 11-4.  Now, on with my picks for this week.

Lock Of The Week

Broncos, 38, Raiders, 28

It will be no surprise when the Broncos dominate the Raiders.
It will be no surprise when the Broncos dominate the Raiders.

Expect the Broncos to blow out the Raiders again.  Although Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and crew are evolving and may be tough for the Denver defense to hold up, I believe on Peyton Manning’s watch the Raiders defense will be sent packing.  At first, the Raiders will be tough to get past, but the more incomplete touchdown attempts the Broncos have, the more tired the Oakland stars will become, and eventually, they’ll lose.  By the second half, the strong Denver offense will have put enough effort into scoring that eventually they will outsmart the Raiders defense and yes, score.  So by the 2nd half Manning will send the Raiders D packing.

But for the Denver defense, it may be tough.  The Raiders can use the same strategy on them with their evolving players but once they do so, it will be tough for the weakling Raiders to motivate to score.  That gives the Broncos the edge in this lock match-up.  The Raiders are improving but still not enough to overcome the 4-0 Broncos, even at home.  The Broncos should have a ten to thirteen point edge by the fourth quarter but it will be close early on.

Notable Locks: Packers over Rams, Ravens over Browns, Chiefs over Bears, Eagles over Saints

Upset Of The Week

Lions, 34, Cardinals, 16

The winless Lions will shock Arizona for their first victory.
The winless Lions will shock Arizona for their first victory.

The Lions will double the scoring of Arizona in this huge upset.  The Cardinals defense is overrated while the Lions D is underrated.  The Lions and Matthew Stafford will use reliable passing weapons Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate to quickly zoom down the field.   Patrick Peterson can’t cover both Johnson and Tate and Arizona’s 2nd best corner will be torched.  It will be tougher for running backs Joique Bell and Ameer Abdullah with LaMarr Woodley and Sean Weatherspoon on the field.

As for the Cardinals they will score some but the Lions defense is much more balanced between the rush and pass.  So Arizona will be limited in the end zone.  Don’t expect much from Arizona.  This upset is more like a lock, but according to SportsLine betting lines, Arizona’s apparently 6.5 point favorites.  I’m trying to prove them wrong.  The Lions will win.  It’s one of my bold predictions for this week.

Other Games

Patriots, 30, Cowboys, 20

Bills, 28, Titans, 26

Chargers, 28, Steelers, 21

Bengals, 31, Seahawks, 21

Ravens, 30, Browns, 14

Colts, 28, Texans, 20

Buccaneers, 24, Jaguars, 21

Chiefs, 35, Bears, 31

Eagles, 41, Saints, 30

Giants, 41, 49ers, 23

Falcons, 37, Redskins, 20

Packers, 38, Rams, 34

Team Of The Week

  1. This team has had two, soon 3 HOF quarterbacks and an all time great coach in its past.
  2. This team lost a big name player for the season in training camp.
  3. This team has played in many cold weather games.
  4. One of the team’s colors is green.
  5. This team was champ of the first Super Bowl.

What team is this?  Guess in comments.

Last Week: Eagles