Bruins Have Big Win Over Coyotes In Back To Back Games

The Bruins played the Arizona Coyotes last night and won 4-1. It all started early in the 1st period. Milan Lucic scored, shooting from behind the goalpost letting it get past Mike Smith. Ryan Spooner and David Pastrnak got assists on it. Then, at the halfway mark of the period, Kyle Chipchura was penalized for delay of game, giving the Bruins a power play. It wasn’t a great one, but either way, power plays are good in some ways. Then, late in the period Brad Marchand scored the second Bruins goal assisted by Reilly Smith and Patrice Bergeron. Late in, Shane Doan was penalized for interference, as Boston ended the period ending a power play. In the 2nd period, the B’s didn’t stop. 3 minutes in, Patrice Bergeron scored a goal assited by Zdeno Chara and Reilly Smith. With 9 minutes left, Lauri Korpikoski took a trip to the penalty box for hi-sticking. On the power play, Zdeno Chara scored the fourth Bruins goal. Four goals in two periods after playing a game less than 24 hours ago is impressive. Mike Smith was doing so badly, that the Coyotes brought in Louis Domingue, the backup goalie. Chris Kelly was iin the penalty box as the period came to a close. In the third and final period, it started early on wit a Bruins power play, the penalty being holding on Henrik Samuelsson. Domingue didn’t let any more goals go by though. But Rask blew it for a shutout, just after he had made what might have been the save of the night. Martin Erat scored, assisted by Keith Yandle, former Bostonian and Shane Doan. Tuukka Rask reached 30 saves, finishing with 31. Late in was one final Boston power play. The penalty was unsportmanlike conduct on Kyle Chipchura. Chipchura had two penalties on the night. The game ended with a 4-1 Boston win. The two goal leaders, Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron, both got their 18th goal. Tuukka Rask had 31 saves! Boston had more shots on the goal than Arizona, 34-32 and more saves, which means more goals, a win. The Bruins now have a 6 game winning streak against the Coyotes, and a 31-22-9 record(71 points). The Coyotes have a 9 game losing streak overall, putting their record at 20-36-7(47 points). The Bruins have some rest before and after the trade deadline, on Monday at 3:00 PM ET. Their next game is at home, against the Calgary Flames. The Bruins ended a February offensive struggle as they enter what could be a good March, which hopefully will lead to playoffs. Brad Marchand said, “If we keep playing the way we played in this game, then I think we have a pretty good chance to make the playoffs”. The Bruins could be looking at an improved team in March, with youngsters Ryan Spooner, Brian Ferlin and David Pastrnak.

Bruins Demolish Blackhawks, Snap 6 Game Losing Streak

The Bruins suprisingly beat the Chicago Blackhawks, and by a lot. They also snapped a depressing 6 game losing streak. The Bruins total record is 29-21-9, looking like a record that’ll get them into the playoffs, but not far. The game was full of penalties, including a fight in the 2nd period between Adam McQuaid and Daniel Carcillo. We also saw early boarding and slashing, two players on each other, Brad Marchand and Michal Rozsival.

For scoring, it all started with an early goal by Patrice Bergeron, 3 minutes in. It appeared as if Reilly Smith scored but Bergeron got passed to by him last minute, to knock it in. Reilly Smith still got an assist for it. Besides a holding penalty, the game was quiet for a while. But that changed when Loui Eriksson scored the second Bruins goal. 2-0 Bruins, five minutes to go in the 1st period. Another memorable penalty came next, hooking on Patrick Kane. Brad Marchand roughed him after the power play though.

Late in the first quarter, Tuukka Rask got penalized for delay of game, and Patrick Kane passed to Jonathan Toews who scored on him after. Rask got penalized for slashing as well less than a second after the goal was scored.

The Bruins were very memorable in the 2nd period, like scoring machines. My favorite Bruin, Milan Lucic, scored the first one after David Pastrnak passed to him. He quickly scored when he gained possession of the puck. 3-1 Bruins. Gregory Campbell was next, making it 4-1. Corey Crawford, the Blackhawks goslie, was having such a bad day at this point, they brought the backup goalie in!

Before those two goals, Chicago had too many men on the ice twice! Jordan Caron and Daniel Carcillo got into a mini fight before another goal was scored, penalizing Caron for slashing and Carcillo for roughing. Then Dougie Hamilton scored a surprise power play goal. To end the 2nd period, and give Boston a rare 6 goal game and 5 goal lead, Reilly Smith scored! An assist and a goal! The Blackhawks scored late in the 1st, but the Bruins got back at them by doing the same shortly before 2nd intermission and ending the 2nd period.

In the 3rd period, it was very quiet. The only action was an easy goal for Chicago by Bryan Bickell. It should be 6-1, but 6-2 will do. The Bruins held on to win, snapping their previous losing streak.

This week, the Bruins will face the Canucks at home on Tuesday, the Devils in New Jersey on Friday, and the Coyotes this Saturday. Saturday’s game is special for me, it’s the first Bruins game I will attend TD Garden for. Be on the lookout for a recap post of the game I went to Saturday night or Sunday.

Bruins Defeat Islanders Again To Start Weekend Back To Back Games

The Bruins yet again beat the Islanders, this time at TD Garden.  The Bruins are now 28-17-7, while the Islanders sit at 33-18-1.  It started early with a fight penalty between Ryan Stromer and Torey Krug, making it 4 on 4.  The next penalty was on Brad Marchand for tripping Anders Lee.  John Tavares scored a New York power play goal on the power play for it, Frans Nielsen and Travis Harmonic with assists on it.  Ryan Strome then got a second penalty for hooking against Gregory Campbell.  On that power play, Patrice Bergeron scored a non-assist goal.  It was 1-1, tie game to end the 1st period.  In the 2nd period, it was penalty-mania.  Reilly Smith was called for hooking against Brock Nelson.  Matt Martin was called for holding against Reilly Smith.  Lastly, Adam McQuaid was called for holding against Mikhali Grabovski.  In the 3rd period, more penalties with one goal, which would be the game decider.  It started with Brad Marchand high-sticking against John Tavares, the Islanders only player to score so far, he’s been a scoring star this year, scoring three times against the Bruins in the last 2 weeks.  Calvin De Haan was then called for holding against Brad Marchand.  Then came the game winner, with 8 minutes left on the clock.  Loui Eriksson SCORED!!!!!!   He was sure worth giving up Tyler Seguin for I guess.  Chris Kelly and Carl Soderberg also had assists on that goal.  That was the ned of the game for goals and penalties, as the Bruins walk away with a 2-1 win.  For the second game of the weekend back to back games today at the Garden, the Bruins will face off with the Habs, or Montreal Canadiens.  According to my NHL Hat Trick Challenge Entry today, the B’s will beat the Habs.  Watch tonight at 7:30 PM to find out if I’m right, and read my recap post for that game tomorrow, when it will probably be a snow day for me, with us expecting another 12-18 inches of snow, after a quiet January and February without a break from it!

Bruins Back In Action After Defeating Islanders

The Bruins beat up the New York Islanders winning 5-2 Thursday night, after losing 2 of 3 games.  It was a great game as the Bruins were not behind for all of it.  Them doing well, also winning 6 of 8 technically with a 5 game winning streak starting it, I bet they can beat a slower 2014-15 L.A. Kings tonight as my NHL Hat Trick Challenge picks for today say so.  I will also begin to talk more Bruins starting February with football season over after the super bowl tomorrow.  For February, hockey is one of the only seasonal sports while the Celtics stink.

About the game, I’ll give you a summary of penalties, assists and goals.  Starting in the 1st quarter, David Krecji was called for hooking against Anders Lee.  The penalty was delayed while the Islanders held onto the puck.  After that, Reilly Smith scored a goal, Milan Lucic and David Krecji earning themselves credit for assists.  Calvin DeHaan was next called for tripping against Brad Marchand.  On the power play, Patrice Bergeron scored the second Boston goal!!!!!!  Dougie Hamilton and Reilly Smith having assists.  The 2nd quarter was without penalties, but goals was a different story.  John Tavares scored the first Islanders goal to start, Cal Clutterbuck and Travis Harmonic earning assists.  Michael Grabner scored the next New York goal, the score being tied at 2.  Johnny Boychuk, the former Bruin, now an Islander and John Tavares had assists.  It ended with a goal by Kevan Miller without assists, making the score 3-2 Bruins going into 2nd intermission.  The third and final period of this game was the most quiet, but still had action.  It started with Boston goal by Torey Krug, Reilly Smith and Milan Lucic having assists this time around although Krug is better known himself for assists, and having no assists on the last goal.  4-2 Bruins.  Carl Soderberg was then called for holding against Casey Cizikas.  To wrap up the game, Milan Lucic scored the 5th Boston goal,  David Krecji and Zdeno Chara having assists.  The Bruins won 5-2 over the Islanders.  They play the Kings tonight and according to me on Hat Trick Challenge, along with Kevin Weekes and majority other players, pick the Bruins to win.

Bruins Shutout Rangers, Tuukka Rask Gets 30 Saves

David Pastrnak will be with the team for the rest of the season but he didn’t do much vs the New York Rangers.  Tuukka Rask was the Bruins star in this game, although he didn’t boost them in the standings along with the rest of this.  They still haven’t lost since the owner came out to complain though, now having a 5 game winning streak.  They should be impressing Jeremy Jacobs, or else he needs to learn to be more PAWSitive.  Going to my school would have helped, the positive, aware, willing and safe thing.  Be positive about your team, owner, be aware of how good they’re doing now, be willing to actually cheer on your team, and keep your job safe.  I’m only kidding.  He’s PAWSitive about not complaining anymore, I don’t know what he as to say now though.

Well, anyways, it was a great game for Boston.  It started in the 1st period with a goal by Patrice Bergeron, Dougie Hamilton with the assist.  2nd period.  2nd goal by David Krecji, Torey Krug and Adam McQuaid with assists.  3rd period.  3rd goal.  By Loui Eriksson, having Torey Krug along with Kevan Miller on the assist.   An easy 3-0 win for the Boston Bruins here in Boston at TD Garden.  Want some game stats?  Well here.  Two stars, and they didn’t score a single goal.  Tuukka Rask is the first, with 30 saves!  Oh, that’s why the New York Rangers got shutout.  The Rangers are only 4th place in their division like Boston, but they were 11th and 12th by record in the NHL as of Monday morning.  Man, they’re in some darn good divisions, and maybe the better conference this season for a change in history and in the modern world?????!!!!!   Yup.  Also, back to stats, the second star is Torey Krug, who had two assists on goals.  So, those are some good other Bruins stats besides the 3 goals, which is kind of a lot for NHL, the most I’ve seen is 7 though, both in ice hockey, also known as soccer on ice, and soccer, when Germany upset Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semifinals by the score of 7-1.  So, it was a great game for the Bruins.

Bruns Defeat Lightning, Shooting Up The Atlantic Division Standings

Although sadly Detroit won, if Boston wins twice and Detroit and Montreal start losing, the Bruins can hop into 2nd place 3 points behind the Lightning.  If the win four and the Lightning does the same, they take over the Atlantic division.   Now for this action packed game.  It started 1-0 Tampa Bay as Steven Stamkos scored early.  Soon after, about 4 minutes left in the 1st period, Brad Marchand scored for the Bruins.  However, Stamkos had his second goal about 10 minutes after 1st intermission.  But it was followed by a Bruins comeback.  First David Pastrnak scored again, then he gave Milan Lucic a turn.  David Krecji passed it over to Lucic late in the 2nd period.  In the final period, David Pastrnak sored the Bruins’ 4th goal.  However, it was followed by a Ryan Callahan goal for the Lightning, and that was it.  4-3 Bruins.

Over the last few games, the Bruins have had a couple of good streaks.  The Bruins have won 4 games in a row, and haven’t lost since Jeremy Jacobs came out to complain about them.  They’ve impressed Jacobs with the wins apparently.  Also, David Pastrnak is red hot.  Although he is only 18 years old and is the youngest player in the NHL as experience helps, he’s scored 4 goals in the last two games!   The Bruins can make their win streak 5 games if they beat the New York Rangers on the road tomorrow.  So go Bruins, let’s go after that division.

Bruins,Pastrnak Defeat Flyers

The Bruins David Pastrnak is the youngest player in the entire NHL, at age 18.  He was the guy who led the B’s to victory yesterday.  They have not lost since Jeremy Jacobs came out to say that the Bruins were playing too poorly for him.  I guess the team wanted to impress Jacobs, alright.  First period.  The Flyers, not the Bruins were on a power play.  They had one less man on the ice.  Then David Pastrnak scored, about halfway through that first period.  The second period was quiet.  No scoring.  The third period was full of action.  First, Pastrnak scored again with a snapshot.  The Flyers had the better one of two goalies, Emery and Steve Mason.  Steve Mason was the one in the goalpost.  Soon after, there was an amazing play.  The Bruins stole the puck, Chris Kelly gave it up.  But Chris Kelly got the puck back, and scored!!!!!  It was now 3-0 Bruins.  To end the game, sadly, Boston did not shut the Flyers out.  Claude Giroux scored for Philadlephia, the Bruins winning by the score of 3-1.  The Bruins next game is on Tuesday, at TD Garden against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Can they beat them to take over the division.  We’ll just have to wait and find out.