NFL In Detail 2.0: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers may be bad again, even after drafting Jameis Winston with the first overall pick.  Winston was the Florida State quarterback, using tight end Nick O’ Leary as his main weapon.  He should start at QB, but Mike Glennon will challenge his throne as starter.

Fantasy and Training Camp Outlook

We already talked QB, so lets move on to running back.


Three running backs should all compete for the starting position.  They have Doug Martin, who was supposed to have his outbreak year in 2014, but struggled.  He could be back to being close to his normal state.  Bobby Rainey will chase him though, and Rainey had stats higher than his projection last year, but Martin’s improvements get in Rainey’s way.  I doubt he’ll be the number 1, but the third spot definitely goes to either young Charles Sims, or fullback Jorvorskie Lane, even fullback Evan Rodriguez.


Winston’s Tampa weapons should be between veteran Vincent Jackson, and 2014 outbreak rookie Mike Evans.  I expect Evans can keep it up, but Jackson has some skills to show this year too.


Austin Seferian-Jenkins should be the number 1 again to at least start the year, but I could forecast him having a break down season.  That opens the door for returning Buccaneer and Pats XLIX champ Tim Wright.  Wright was Gronk’s second hand man last year, and he can do the same, maybe even surpass the skills of Seferian-Jenkins.


Both the offensive and defensive line shold be great, between Logan Mankins on offense, and Gerald McCoy and Larry English on defense.  They need another defensive back though, and are left with safety D. J. Swearinger, but no star corners.

The Buccaneers have developing, but older talent that shouldn’t do much, but will do something to make an effort to make the team at least 31st rather than 32nd of 32, although like all teams, they aim towards going to Super Bowl 50.

Patriots Defeat Panthers,Make Worthless Trade

The Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 30-7. Tom Brady started most of the game but late in, Garroppolo got a chance to play. They also traded Logan Mankins today. When I heard it, I was in shock and I still am. Logan Mankins? Just about the best lineman in Patriots history. He played for 10 years and his salary cap got too high to manage, so they traded him but got nothing back! Tight end Tim Wright and only a 4th round draft pick. Not 1st, not 2nd, not 3rd, but 4th round! When you go over the good Pats players before the trade, you think Brady,Revis,Gronkowski,Wilfork,Mayo and Mankins! He was getting old and we did have a tight end weakness though, due to Gronk returning from surgery and Hooman possibly going on the injured reserve. Tim Wright was a draft pick who’s a 6′ 4″ tight end. I’ve heard he’s an OK player but cannot compare to Mankins, even when you include the draft pick.They did not have to give up somebody as good as Mankins just to get Tim Wright!
Back to the game,Brady got a touchdown,field goal pattern three times then it was 30-0 and Carolina finally scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter and it was 30-7 for the final score.I think Carolina will be 8-8,in 2nd place in the NFC South and missing the playoffs while the Pats dominate to win the super bowl.I have a good feeling about the Pats in 2014 more then any other New England team.