Kings Win 2nd Stanley Cup In 3 Years

The Kings defeated the New York Rangers 4-1 on Friday Night.Over the weekend I was in New York meeting friends from Australia who came up as former New Yorkers to see the Rangers in the Stanley Cup.Apparently,by the time I got there they had all eyes on their baseball team,the New York Mets since the Rangers lost on Friday and I left Saturday.Here are 2 reasons I rooted for the Kings:
1.Boston Sports fans can never root for New York Sports teams.
2.I did not want to have to watch the Rangers play the whole time I was in New York.
So,too bad for the Rangers New Yorkers,the Kings got crowned the cup and knocked the Rangers of their throne.That’s hockey’s weekend news flash.Better luck next year to the Bruins,they start in 4 months so predictions should be here by late August.